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This One Trick Will Change Everything

Ok, so the title is just to make fun of all the clickbait ads out there LOL. So there is one thing I learned from planning my own wedding years ago (14 years now, hey-oh!) - you need help. I’m all about taking charge with a DIY attitude, but I’d also highly recommend some professional help for the little things… The details, especially the day of…

Let me tell you what I’m talking about with a story from my own wedding. This is a story about cocktail napkins. Yep, napkins. To someone that has never planned a wedding, napkins might not seem like a big deal. But the personalized napkins were something that I wanted to do to add a special touch; to let everyone know we were proud to represent the last letter of the alphabet. “Z”

I planned my own wedding, so I designed and ordered my own fancy napkins. Order was placed and I went on to other things. They finally made it in about two weeks prior to my wedding. Excited, I skipped my way to the store, opened the box, and...lost my mind. My fancy napkins that were supposed to have a big, beautiful “Z” on them, had a lame, ridiculous “2” on them. Two. The number 2. Like my last name started with a number instead of a letter.

“Hi, my name is Jessica 2ickgraf. Thanks for coming to my wedding.”

When you shoulder the entire responsibility for planning and executing any event, but especially your own wedding, these little things seem GIANT. End of the world giant. Freak out time. Panic, stress, anxiety - all the bad things flood your system and lose the ability to think clearly. I only had two weeks left! How was I going to make this work in two weeks?! It took over a month the first time! These napkins - insignificant, use-them-once-and-they’re-done napkins - were trying to ruin my wedding! AAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH!!!

This is where professional help can save the day. Pros know that a “Z” can look like a “2”. They know to double-confirm with the vendor. More importantly, they take care of it no matter what happens sometimes without the bride knowing until after it has been fixed. A professional has a relationship with the vendor that both sides want to maintain, so they will make it work or risk losing future business (unlike you - a random bride who they will likely never do business with again).

Back to the napkins. We got it worked out, but not without a truckload of stress and worry - stress and worry that I didn’t need. They did a rush order for new ones. The problem was solved, but the damage was done. You can’t just undo stress. Plus, this was just the napkins. There were issues with everything else I had to deal with too. I was about to get married, the biggest day of my life to that point, and I was too stressed to enjoy anything about the months leading up to it.

So my one trick that will change everything - hire a professional. Do yourself a favor and actually enjoy the months prior to your wedding. Spend time with your spouse, your family, your friends. Make plans, travel, have fun. Literally do anything but stress out about napkins! You’ll still have to play an active, involved role in your wedding planning, but do it a way that shields you from the stress of it all. Hire a pro to shoulder all the stress and worry so you can relax and enjoy it.

Oh, and hire Adorist, I promise you’ll love your napkins. ;)


J2...oops, I mean JZ

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