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Experience Matters

Adorist: [uh-dohr-ist] noun

  • -One who specializes in making things adorable

  • -One who creates adoring emotions in others

  • -StL’s most creative wedding and event planner

Experience Matters

Each person on our team has multiple years of experience planning weddings and events, from stadiums to backyards. We have the expertise, experience, and enthusiasm to make your special day the stress-free dream you've always wanted. It is our mission to design and create each celebration unique to our clients. 


Whether you need full hands-on planning, or just help the day of, we are here for you. Even if you just need advice, give us a call and we're glad to help in any way we can. 

Weddings and Events

It's all we do! Our team has experience with all types of events throughout the nation, so we can do it all!


Want to shoot t-shirts into the crowd at an arena? ...We've done that.


Want to have a snowboard competition in the middle of downtown? ...We've done that too.


Maybe you need an actual horse to dress up as a unicorn for your imagination-themed woman's event? ...Check - we've done that one too.  


Whether it's your dream wedding or a corporate retreat, a baby shower or Birthday party - Adorist is your expert that will make your event stress-free and amazing!

Meet The Team

Jessica Zickgraf

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 I'm Jessica. I've planned and executed all types of events - from backyards parties to giant stadiums and arenas, I've done it all.  Literally thousands of events, but weddings are my passion. I'm a creative butterfly that loves making and doing fun, creative stuff. 


Robin Zickgraf

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Hi, I'm Robin. I'm married to Jess (my best quality). I'm a big nerd, but I also have over 15 years experience with project and program management, so I handle a lot of the behind-the-scenes planning to make sure your day is flawless. Honestly though, I'm just muscle. They keep me around to carry heavy stuff and reach the top shelf. ;)

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Your Vision...

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